Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pablo's Railroad in Argentina

Today, in our virtual tour of the world, we visit the Ferrocarril Piedra Baya. This grand scale railroad is owned by our friend Pablo Jäckel (who is turning the engine on the turn table) and makes its home the geographical center of Argentina at the foothills of the Comechingones Sierra. Pablo originally told the story of his railroad in the pages of the Grand Scales Quarterly magazine.

Pablo tells us how his railroad came about: The sadness of having to dismantle a large HO model railroad, gave way to “domestic” approval to try something bigger on our property —both as hobby and to carry passengers in the not so distant future (for we run a small tourist business). We llived 7 miles from the nearest town (Merle - pop. 5,000), which could be reached only by an unpaved country road. All the materials needed to build a RR had to come from other cities, like Buenos Aires, some 500 miles away. . .
If you would like to read Pablo's complete article, click here.

Sketch based on a photo by Pablo

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Lynn said...

I'm really enjoying your virtual world travel sketches. What a good idea for the cold winter months!