Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Albania, Part II

I enjoyed the photos of Albania so much that I thought I would do another sketch before moving on to the next country. After all, travel should be relaxing, allowing you time to explore and learn about each place you visit, before feeling rushed to move on. So our next stop in Albania is the National Museum.

The National museum GJ. K. Scanderbeg was inaugurated in 1982. It is built in the Kruja castle on the left side of its entrance. It was built in Kruja because it was the center of the Albanian epopee in the fifteenth century during the war with the Ottoman empire. It's name is known all over Europe. Three sieges failed in 1450, 1466 and 1467 but the Ottomans were able to take the castle in 1478. The building serves as a memorial of sorts. To learn more about the museum, visit

This is the original sketch, done with pencil in my handy sketchbook. I decided to add color to it, which can be seen in the larger image above. Color was added with Derwent Watercolor Pencils. I decided that I liked the effect so didn't add water to the pencils.

This sketch is based on a photo by
Besnik Saliu and is used with permission. Thank you Bednik!

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