Thursday, January 15, 2009


Visiting Angola has been more difficult। The people are beautiful but the poverty and history of war are harder to cope with as a traveler. In researching Angola, I am reminded constantly of the many years of war and the repercussions of it. Many of us remember the images of those who have suffered terrible wounds as a result of the hidden land minds left in the country and of Princess Diana visiting the victims. I didn’t want to dwell on the sad facts though; I wanted a picture that showed people. Their lives, even today, are not easy. Here, I pictured an Angolan woman taking water home to her family.

Angola is situated in the southwest part of Africa, bounded by the Democratic Republic of Congo on the north, Namibia on the south, Zambia on the east, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. It occupies a land area of 481,350 square miles, roughly the size of France, Italy, and Germany combined. It is nearly 14 times as large as Portugal, which began to colonize Angola in the 16th century.

Customs of Angola

  • The most common greeting is the handshake.
  • Close friends may embrace, kiss, or offer a friendly backslap.
  • As in most African countries, greetings should never be rushed.
  • It is important to take time to inquire about the person’s family and other matters of general interest during the greeting process.
  • Always greet elders first. It is also customary to bow when introduced to someone who is obviously older or has a more senior position.
  • In rural areas, women do not look the other person in the eye, although this practice is less pronounced with younger Angolans and in Luanda।

Pencil, Watercolor pencil and ink in my travel sketchbook.


Sarah M said...

Very nice sketch and interesting information about Angola! I am enjoying your world tour and look forward to your next stop.

Peachtreeart said...

I believe you're the one doing the make believe traveling? I'm asking cause you've really dug into these countries and made it appear so real. Great job!

Brenda Yarborough said...

Your virtual world tour is not only so lovely to look at, but the information is very interesting. What a terrific idea!!