Sunday, January 11, 2009


While visiting Andorra during my virtual tour, I came across this lovely bridge. Andorra, which is located between Spain and France, is a rugged land with deep valleys and towering mountains. Andorra was isolated for many years but is well-known now for its sports, including snow skiing, mountain hiking, and mountain biking. It is also known for its chapels, Romanesque churches, bridges

Tourism plays an important part in Andorra's economy but many people only visit on day trips from Spain and France. Apparently many take advantage of the duty-free shopping available here.

The country is very beautiful and there is much to see, both in nature and in history. They have several museums that look to be of interest, including the National Automobile Museum, the Miniature Museum, the Romanic Andorra Historical Center, the Farga Rossell Iron Interpretation Center, and the Sant Antoni De La Grella Bridge, which I sketched above.
I wanted to experiment with this sketch and used more color then the scene called for. It was sketched with pencil and watercolor pencils in my travel sketchbook.
If you would like to learn more about Andorra, MSN Encarta has an interesting article available.


Kim Saxe said...

Hi Susan,

What a great idea! I went to Andorra over 3 decades ago. I remember being so surprised there was a little country there. I remember two things. A river...and a gorgeous, beautiful, towering cirque of mountain peaks. A memory that I think of often.

I can't wait to see where we go next!


Junie and J said...

This is a really neat way to travel:) I love the idea it seems like such a fun way to draw and learn about the world. The artwork looks really nice too!

mrana said...

What a lovely drawing and such soothing colours. The world travel series is a great idea, am looking forward to seeing more of them!

Physhy said...

Your Virtual Travel is so much fun! I look forward to seeing where you will go next. Tried to imagine how I could visit each state in USA long enough to really learn about it...maybe this way? Hmmmmmmm. Now you have started something: THANKS