Monday, February 25, 2008

Indian Food

My friend Lisa loves to cook so we have decided to do an international meal once a month with our families. Last month we had a scrumptious French dinner and last Saturday we had a delicious meal of Indian cuisine. I had never had Indian food before so did not know what to expect as Lisa was supplying the recipes and we both bought the ingredients and cooked. And it was wonderful. Our dear friend Tammy and her girls also joined us. For those of you who are interested, our menu consisted of a Samosa starter followed by Beef Curry, Butter Chicken, Jasmine Rice, Aloo Mutter and all eaten with Non. Yummy. I think the Butter Chicken was my favorite. Anyway, I had planned on taking pictures of the food and doing a drawing based on that but everyone was hungry and the food disappeared too quickly to photograph. So I thought I would sketch these boats on an Indian river to keep with the theme. the sketch was done with Derwent WC Pencils and highlighted with black ink.
Next month we are having Swedish food. Not sure what that will entail but if you have any ideas, please share!
Thanks Lisa and family! This sure is a lot of fun!

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djd said...

First thing that comes to mind is Swedish meatballs. :-)

(I came here from Watercolor Workshop)