Friday, May 9, 2008

Jo's Dolphin

We have some dear friends, family really, who have just celebrated their 15th Wedding Anniversary. Normally the husband is really easy to buy for but it can be harder to find the right thing for the wife, Jo. Knowing that Jo loves the ocean and enjoys dolphins, I painted this with her in mind. I will be giving her the painting this weekend. I am posting it now since I will be out of town with them and, because, I don't think they will have time to view my blog before our trip. Happy Anniversary Bob and Jo. We love you.
WC paints on Strathmore paper, 8 x 10


Lost In Wonder said...

Oh, I like this a lot. I love how colorful and expressive the background is. You also captured the playful personality that is inherit in dolphins.

freebird said...

I love the angle from which you painted this dolphin. It's different than most you see. And boy, does he have a playful twinkle in his eye!