Friday, January 11, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you for all of the kind comments I have received so far. It is very gratifying.

Leg study 5 after William Bouguereau

My first image was drawn earlier today. I was working on making my lines more decisive, less hesitant. Don't know that I succeeded but every drawing practice helps make me a bit better, so it is worthwhile.

This watercolor was actually painted in 1996 for a dear friend. It was one of the very few that I attempted during my non-artistic spell. There is so much that can be improved upon. But I thought I would show it anyway, mostly because I love the ocean so much.

I have a few other drawings on my Flickr site ( You are welcome to take a peek at the others.

Thanks for looking. As always, please share your thoughts with me, even helpful criticism.

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Ann said...

Welcome to blogging! I came by way of EDM.You have very nice work here. The figure studies are great and your watercolors are lovely. Hope to see more:)